Campus Crime Report

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Campus Crime Report

The Campus Security and Fire Safety Report  is designed to inform you of CSM's campus crime and fire statistics and related safety and security information, The CSM Police and Campus Administration are committed to making the CSM campus the safest campus in Colorado. For a printable PDF version, please click here: Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

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. A printed copy will be sent upon request.

For information on Sex Offender Registration information, please visit the Colorado Bureau of Investigation's convicted Sex Offender site at

Campus Security Authorities

A Requirement of the CLERY ACT

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act


Campus Security Authority (CSA) is a Clery term that encompasses groups of individuals and organizations associated with an institution.  Campus Security Authorities are defined as any individual who has significant contact with students or responsibility for student and campus activities including, but not limited to housing, disciplinary action, or judicial proceedings. Any faculty or staff member who is an advisor to any student organization is automatically a Campus Security Authority. Any faculty or staff member who has a participatory role in the disciplinary process of a student is automatically a Campus Security Authority.


The purpose of a CSA is that the Department of Education recognizes that not everyone wants to report crimes to campus or local law enforcement. They tend to feel more comfortable confiding in their Club Advisor, Coach, Counselor or their Dean, or the Human Resource Services Office, among others.


Individuals who meet the criteria for being a CSA:

A Dean of Students

Student housing or student extracurricular activities staff.\

A Director of Athletics and team coaches

Employees / Staff who monitor access = Recreation Center Staff

A Faculty Advisor to a Student Group

Coordinator of Greek Affairs

Public Safety / Police Department

If you are designated as a CSA or want more information on a CSA please review below document.


CSM Campus Security Authority

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